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Exhibitors & Sponsors 2017


Automotive Ethernet Congress

February 7-8, 2017, Munich, Germany


Automotive Ethernet Congress 2017

The pace of development in automotive Ethernet continues to race. Hardly, as it seems, have 100-Mbit/s and 1-Gbit/s variants been standardized, preparations are already under way for the next generation. In the coming fall we are likely to see rollout of the standardization process for multi-gigabit Ethernet with an IEEE call for interest. At the same time the market shows a continuous increase in the number of series produced vehicles with onboard Ethernet. It is no longer a question, by any means, of converting a single link to the new technology – what is at stake now is newly creating the entire onboard network architecture from bottom up.

Ethernet is the key to closing ranks between the automotive and IT domains as never before. That means entirely new applications and business models. But also a need to develop effective and secure concepts for safety-relevant automotive aspects. In turn, en route to half-automated driving, solutions for deterministic reaction like AVB and TSN play a major role. Here in particular we need to find and implement the right elements from the numerous standards for a concrete application.

The Automotive Ethernet Congress comes with a comprehensive survey of the many and diverse technical innovations. Plus, you can experience practically oriented contributions that offer important assistance for concrete implementation of Ethernet projects. Papers and workshops, application-focused and solution-oriented, present solid expertise for everyone wishing to exploit the full potential of automotive Ethernet.



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